Treat Yourself to a Vintage Diamond Bracelet This Tax Day

April 15 is right around the corner. Tax day is not an enjoyable occasion in the best of times, but it does not have to be downright rotten either. Reward yourself for getting your taxes in on time by spending your tax refund on a gorgeous diamond bracelet. Are you curious about what we have to offer?

White Gold Bangle Bracelet with 20 Diamonds 

This pretty piece is suitable for daily wear. Artisans used 14k white gold to create the bangle, which is also the setting for 20 full-cut diamonds. They weigh a combined .25cts. All around, the width of this piece is 2mm. Rely on the side lock safety to keep it on your wrist. Priced just under $1,000, this is a great way to spend a part of your tax refund on you.

Yellow and White Gold Bracelet with 88 Diamonds 

Combining 18k white and yellow gold creates a gorgeous look. Adding a diamond pave consisting of 88 round full-cut diamonds is genius. The gems weigh a total 1.20cts. When you like to mix and match the different gold tones, do not pass by this bracelet. It looks attractive and brings out the sparkle of the stones by using the white gold links as settings.

Yellow Gold Bangle Bracelet with 5 Diamonds 

This bracelet dates back to the 1970s. It features 14k yellow gold. At the top, five round full-cut diamonds demand attention. They weigh a collective .20cts. The shape of the bangle is an oval, which makes it very comfortable to wear. It is appropriate for the office, for school or just for daily errands. This is another great reward for getting your taxes in on time!

Yellow and White Gold X Bracelet with 27 Diamonds 

This classic “X” style bracelet look piques the interest of all who see it simply because of its intricate detail work. The materials chosen by the jewelers are 14k yellow and white gold. There are 27 full-cut diamonds weighing a total of 1.0cts. This piece has never been worn. We received it from a West Coast jeweler who closed his business. Wear the bracelet for special occasions or any day that you feel like gazing at this striking jewel.

Victorian Pink Gold Bracelet with 38 Diamonds 

The ultimate tax day reward is this Victorian bracelet with 38 tube-set diamonds. These gemstones feature that hard-to-find European cut and weigh a collective 15.0cts. The setting presents with a mix of platinum and 14k pink gold. We estimate that this piece was made between 1895 and 1905. This is a truly remarkable Victorian bracelet.
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