What is Rubelite?

It is a common misconception that rubelite is somehow connected to the ruby. Instead, this name points to a type of tourmaline that comes in a stunning pink color. This is not any kind of pink. Rather, the pink of the rubelite must be vibrant, strong and deep. It is one of the types of stones that you know when you see it. The pink of a rubelite is truly without equal.
Case in point is the vintage rubelite ring with six diamonds
We date this piece to the mid century. It starts with a platinum setting that holds a round purplish red tourmaline that perfectly fits the rubelite description. Weighing in at 2.04cts, the gem itself measures 7.95mm by 7.85mm by 5.45mm.
The stone is natural and devoid of clarity enhancements. To highlight the beauty of the deep pink hues even more, artisans chose to set the stone in an 18k yellow gold bezel. Bringing out the shine of this deep pink stone are six baguette-cut diamonds. Their total weight is 0.12cts. Wearing this ring is sure to get you plenty of attention.
Another example of the color saturation the rubelite brings to the table is found in the 1950s rubelite ring with diamonds
Were it not for the oval shape of the stone and its extremely rare weight of 6.35cts, you could consider it somewhat similar to the first ring we presented.
Yet in this case, you see a 14k white gold ring that holds the oval stone measuring 14.38mm by 9.28mm by 6.76mm. Ten baguette-cut diamonds weigh a collective .60cts and bring sparkle to the mix. Jewelry makers selected 18k yellow gold to create the prongs holding the deeply saturated rubelite in place. Wear this stunning ring on special occasions.
Fans of this gemstone know that rubelites heavier than three carats are rare and valuable while those weighing more than five carats are virtually unheard of. Although we are firmly convinced that even the untrained eye can detect the rubelite, here is proof. 
Compare the prior two rings to an example of a basic pink tourmaline ring in a white gold setting
Attractive in its own right, this cabochon-cut pink tourmaline weighs 1.50cts and rests in a 14k white gold setting. A beautiful jewel, it easily underscores the difference between a pink tourmaline and a rubelite.
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