What is the Best Type of Ring Metal?

Gold, platinum, and silver are the big players in the jewelry business. Artisans have used the metals since time immemorial as carefully worked displays for gemstones. Without such stones, the metal oftentimes became a canvas for a motif that called for polished, matte and other looks. Yet is there a perfect ring metal? Is there one metal that outshines all other ones?


Did you know that silver is one of the metals that has already been spoken off in the Bible? As early as the book of Genesis, silver is mentioned as a precious metal that was suitable for creating jewelry and utensils. Sterling silver is a common sight in the jewelry trade. It contains 92.5 percent of silver. The rest of the material may consist of copper.
Fine silver that is stamped .999 is not a good choice for rings that you like to wear on a consistent basis. It is simply too soft and tends to bend. When mixed with copper, you have sterling silver that is much sturdier. While it is true that this type of silver tarnishes, the patina is easy to remove. It holds gems well and may be worn daily.


You may have noticed that the cost for platinum has been sharply increasing. Its rarity is the main reason why new platinum rings are so expensive. The purity level of this metal must reach 95 percent for the stamp of PLAT to be added. During the Art Deco era, platinum was a favorite setting material for artisans. Peter Suchy Jewelers carry a broad selection of rings that feature platinum. It is durable and suits perfectly for rings that you like to wear daily.


Pink gold, green, white or yellow gold are all part of the metal’s form. Loyal readers already caught a glimpse of this versatile material when we discussed vintage gold not too long ago. Since we have previously talked about the makeup of the metal’s purity, there is no need to repeat the information. Suffice it to say that the higher the karat number you see on the stamp, the purer the gold of the ring setting.
It gets a bit tricky with gold. For example, white gold has been linked to allergic reactions because it features a combination of gold and alloys such as nickel or zinc. When the mix includes silver or platinum, there tend to be no such reactions. Copper and zinc are commonly mixed with yellow gold while rose gold features copper only.

And the Winner is…


We have seen vintage jewelry dating to the Victorian Era that has been made from all types of gold as well as silver and platinum. We recommend purchasing pure gold and fine silver jewelry only if you can commit to wearing the rings with care. Platinum is as sturdy as it is beautiful. Thus, there is no winner – but also no loser. Your selection should depend on your taste and any allergic reactions that ring metals have caused you in the past.
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