When Only Natural Emeralds Will Do

When you like your gemstones polished but not necessarily forced into a uniform shape, the natural look is right up your alley. Natural emeralds are excellent additions to your BoHo chic wardrobe, for that peasant blouse you have been waiting to accessorize with just the right necklace or for the low-cut evening gown that shows off your neckline. Peter Suchy Jewelers have compiled our inventory’s most magnificent natural emerald pieces.

Victorian Emerald Long Chain Necklace 

Own a piece of history with this 58-inch Victorian necklace. We date this jewel to the 1860s. Its setting material is 15k yellow gold. Ten drop-shaped emeralds present with different green hues and slightly dissimilar looks. Their collective weight is 50.0cts. This is a strikingly beautiful example of Victorian artistry.

Art Deco Emerald Earrings with Rubies in Pink Gold 

The slightly uneven shapes of the emerald slices nevertheless perfectly complement one another in this set of earrings. The setting material is 14k pink gold. Crafted right around 1935, which puts it into the late Art Deco period, the pink gold brings out the gemstones’ deep green colors. Further highlighting the beauty of this color are eight rubies weighing a collective .25cts. They adorn the settings. Two single-cut diamonds weighing a total of .04cts round of the presentation.

Emerald Platinum Pendant with Diamonds 

Another contender for our list of natural emeralds is this platinum pendant featuring an untreated emerald crystal slice. It weighs 38.0cts. The edge around the emerald is all natural. The setting displays an Art Deco influence that is evidenced in the overall geometric structuring of the look. A focal diamond weighs .10cts and shows off with a square emerald cut. An additional 44 single-cut diamonds bring plenty of sparkle to the table. Their combined weight is .60cts. The contrast between the geometric accuracy of the pendant design and free form emerald slice creates a look that is as chic as it is sophisticated.

Retro Art Deco Natural Emerald Pendant in Pink Gold

Dating back to the 1940s, this pendant features 14k pink gold. It relies on a hinged design, which allows for attractive movement over a blouse. The emerald crystal is bright green and weighs in at 7.78cts. Its black inclusions are natural and add to the beauty of the pendant’s appearance. Three square rubies weigh a collective .10cts and show off the green. Three single-cut diamonds weigh a total of .05cts; their sparkle ties the look together.
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