Dripping with Diamonds

In a historic work detailing the short life of Jane Seymour, who was married to Henry VIII, the term “dripping with diamonds” was used to describe her appearance. It is interesting to note that this exact same term has been used to describe jewels from the large design houses of the 1950s. The look that […]

What Do The Diamond Notations Mean?

You love diamond jewelry. Case in point is the Old-European diamond hand-engraved ring.  Made around 1900, it features a hand-engraved platinum setting that holds a solitaire diamond weighing .68cts. It looks spectacular. Included is an EGL USA diamond certificate. Also included in the listing are letters and numbers. What do these diamond notations mean? F-G […]

Stylish Rings for Free Spirits

You enjoy the finer things in life. At the same time, you are a free spirit who will not be shackled by conventions. When you need jewelry to express yourself, we have the rings that accessorize your wardrobe. Two-tone Gold Ring with an Opal and Blue Sapphires  This is a two-tone shank ring design. The […]

Stunning Pendants You Have to See to Believe

The pendant is a staple of your accessory wardrobe. It doubles as a supporting player or the main focal point of the ensemble. When you are searching for something that stands out, we have just what you are looking for. Jose Hess Bolita-style Ball Pendant on a Necklace  The name Jose Hess is well known […]

Our Most Impressive Diamond Engagement Rings

Granted, June is usually considered the wedding month, but did you know that plenty of best men and maids of honor are now getting in the mood to solidify their relationships, too? Not surprisingly, this is the month when more and more folks are looking for the perfect diamond engagement ring. Peter Suchy Jewelers offers […]

Impress Her with the Sparkle of Diamonds

Are you looking for an ideal present? If she is a jewelry lover, you cannot go wrong with the sparkle of diamonds. Peter Suchy Jewelers has plenty of things that sparkle, but some seem out of this world. It is interesting to note that it is not always the biggest gem that creates the most […]

Our Most Extraordinary Turquoise Jewels

Have you ever wanted to own an unusual piece of jewelry? This would be the kind of vintage piece that draws the eye, earns you plenty of stares and makes for a surefire conversation starter. We have found that the most extraordinary gemstones for this endeavor are the turquoise and jade. We discussed our unusual […]

Welcome Summer with Fresh Jadeite Jade

The glorious days of summer remind us of crisp green apples and orange sunrises. Jewelry aficionados know that this correlates with the qualities of jadeite jade. Loyal readers of this blog will remember our post that examined the difference between jade and jadeite. Not surprisingly, the latter is a favorite of collectors. Peter Suchy Jewelers […]