Our Favorite Victorian Jewels

We hope that delving deeper into the mysterious world of Victorian jewelry has opened your eyes to an era you might have overlooked in your jewelry collection. When you are ready to add some exquisite Victorian jewelry to your ensemble, we have just the pieces that could make a great start. Platinum Pendant Featuring a […]

An Intimate Look at Victorian Symbolism

Look at this Victorian enamel flower pendant from the 1880s. It starts with 14k yellow gold. Artisans then painstakingly constructed delicate purple pink and off-white petals that feature enameling. A silvery white pearl measuring 2.2mm is at the center of the floral pendant. Another 30 half pearls surround the petals. This pendant displays with a […]

What Makes Hair Jewelry so Fascinating?

Did you know that hair jewelry has been making a bit of a comeback in certain collectors’ circles? What some deem a macabre form of jewelry making is actually an expression of fine Victorian artistry and symbolism. Accepted Mourning Jewels Even before Queen Victoria took the throne, mourning jewelry was an accepted expression of personal […]

Our Favorite Victorian Cameos

Cameos were a common jewel during the Victorian period. Designs varied and could be included in ring and necklace settings. The vintage experts at Peter Suchy Jewelers have scoured the inventory to reveal our collection of favorite Victorian cameos. See if you agree with our picks. Late 1830s Cameo Pin Pendant  This is a fine […]

Collecting Victorian Jewelry as a Hobby (or a Passion)

You do not have to be an insider to appreciate the beauty of Victorian jewelry. It is markedly different from the modern pieces that are currently flooding the market. Whereas modern pieces emphasize straight lines, large sizes and the ability to combine with other pieces, Victorian jewelry exemplified superior artisanship, nuanced designs and the ability […]

Our Latest Inventory Additions

Some of our clients regularly call us to ask, “what’s new?” No, they are not looking for information on the operations of Peter Suchy Jewelers. Rather, they are interested in the latest arrivals that we have added to our inventory. Just in case that you, too, have been wondering about what is new at the […]

An Expert’s Guide to Pearl Care

One of the greatest hazards to your pearl jewelry is the Internet. Folks with little to no knowledge of the chemical makeup of pearls are posting “homemade recipes” for cleaning pastes that are bound to do more harm than good. We occasionally talk to customers who are horrified to hear that their use of these […]

Budget-friendly Pearl Jewelry for the Teen in Your Life

Who says that back-to-school shopping for your college-bound teen only involves the purchase of expensive textbooks and basic office supplies? Reward your teen’s dedication to education by giving a gift that is suitable for wear at festive or special occasions while away at college. Some are also excellent for daily wear to class. Peter Suchy […]

Five Pearl Jewels You Have to See to Believe

Although pearls are not an ideal gem to place into a ring setting, they are perfect for a broad range of other jewels. Peter Suchy Jewelers have scoured our inventory to present you with the most breathtakingly beautiful pieces we currently have in stock. Look and see if you agree. Four-row Pearl Necklace Collar with […]