Baume & Mercier Watches for Every Occasion

The name Baume & Mercier points to a rich history of watch making. Known originally as the Baume Brothers, the Swiss company dates back to 1830. Nine decades later, the company set up another store in London. About the same time, Paul Mercier joined the business, which led to the renaming of the company to […]

Bring Home the Famed Old European Cut

Finding gemstones with the old-European cut is a rarity. This cut presents with larger culets, tables of less than 53 percent and a pronounced crown angle. Modern gemstone cutters no longer use this cut but rather favor the round brilliant cut that evolved from the old-European method. When you want to add a jewel showing […]

Be There, and Be Square!

Most modern gem cuts are round in nature. Manufacturing settings that hold these stones is frequently easier than those that accommodate gems with different cuts. This is most likely one of the reasons why you do not see very many square-cut gems anymore. The standard square cut presents with 57 facets. This cut calls for […]