Bring Home the Famed Old European Cut

Finding gemstones with the old-European cut is a rarity. This cut presents with larger culets, tables of less than 53 percent and a pronounced crown angle. Modern gemstone cutters no longer use this cut but rather favor the round brilliant cut that evolved from the old-European method. When you want to add a jewel showing off this amazing old stone treatment, we can help.

Vintage Marcus & Co. Engagement Ring in a Platinum Setting 

The name Marcus & Co. belonged to a jewelry design house of great renown between 1910 and 1920. Edwardian and Art Deco designs were among the specialties of the artisans. This engagement ring highlights the artistry of the jewelry makers and upholds the design house’s reputation. It is a rare find, indeed. There are three major gemstones.
One is an old-mine brilliant-cut diamond weighing 2.83cts, the second one is a round brilliant-cut diamond weighing 1.70cts and the last one features a circular brilliant cut and a weight of 1.74cts. Next, four old-European-cut diamonds weigh a collective .08cts. They round out the design and bring sparkle to the sides of the setting. This is a rare jewel. When there is an engagement in your future, act now to secure your ownership of this amazing piece.

Fancy Yellow Diamond Ring in a Three Stone Design 

Peter Suchy designed and made the setting for these vintage stones. The setting material is platinum with some 18k yellow gold for the prongs holding the fancy yellow diamonds in place. The center stone is a round old-European-cut diamond weighing 2.53cts. On either side of this gem is a round brilliant old-European-cut diamond weighing .73cts. The vivid color of the three yellow diamonds is astonishing. This is clearly something that you do not see every day. We added hand engravings to the sides of the ring to make it just as fancy as the stones it holds.

Cornflower Blue Sapphire Ring with Diamond Accents 

Once again, the Peter Suchy workshop has designed a platinum setting for antique and vintage stones. In this case, the showstopper is an oval sapphire with a cornflower blue hue. It weighs 4.07cts. Accentuating this beauty are two old-European-cut diamonds with a combined weight of 1.70cts. It is not unusual for old-European-cut gems to accentuate a stone with a different cutting pattern. In fact, this greatly heightens the visual appeal of the pieces. In this case, the difference in color – the diamonds are white – further increases the beauty of the presentation. This ring is ideally suited for daily wear or for special occasions.
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