How to Buy a Vintage Engagement Ring Like a Pro

If all goes well, you will only buy one vintage engagement ring in your life. Making this purchase can therefore be daunting. It takes the pros a bit of a learning curve to find out how to make this type of purchase as an informed consumer with an eye on quality and value. Our professionals can help you to do likewise.

Know the Periods and Her Taste

Some of our most popular vintage engagement rings come from the Art Deco era, which encompassed the 1920s and 1930s. Platinum was the setting material of choice, although there are also other metals used in the manufacture of rings. Geometric shapes were at the heart of the jewelry designs.
Edwardian jewelry shows the beginnings of the symmetrical shapes that would later become Art Deco, but artisans still faded out the Victorian style elements that were rich in symbolism, granulated gold and filigree settings. Know what era she favors before you start shopping. If you are not sure that you can put it in those words, take a photo of her favorite jewels. It helps us to narrow down the style elements she favors and point you to the right decade (or century).

Let’s Talk Gemstones

Vintage jewelers used diamonds as well as other stones when creating engagement rings. Amethysts and sapphires are quite popular. The same is true for rubies and emeralds. Aquamarines are among some of the most beautiful gemstones used in the 1930s and 1940s. As you are selecting the center stone, consider her taste in jewelry. Does she favor a certain color or gem? Has she mentioned that her engagement ring should have a diamond? If you are not sure, talk to one of her girlfriends in confidence.

A Word on Size

The ideal engagement ring – then and now – features at least one center stone. Frequently, there are additional stones that accentuate the beauty of the main gem. We recommend a medium-sized ring design that easily pairs with other jewels and is appropriate for all activities. If you select a showstopper that resembles a cocktail ring in size and design, you run the risk of her not being able to wear it to the office or at home.
When you want to see the ring on her finger at all times, smaller is indeed better. Remember that you can always upgrade to an eternity ring at a later time – after your wedding – that can be as big as you like.

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