Embracing the Timeless Beauty of the Briolette

When searching for gems with a briolette cut, you usually find pear-shaped stones. Whereas one area is rounded, the other one is pointy. As a general rule of thumb, your typical briolette-cut stone has about 84 facets. Since there is very little room for error, you mostly see this cut with handmade vintage jewels. Peter […]

Sapphire Jewelry by Tiffany & Company

The name of Tiffany & Co. has a long-standing reputation for stunning designs, perfect gem cuts and inimitable beauty. When you have been thinking of adding a Tiffany jewel to your collection, make it a sapphire piece in honor of September. (The sapphire is the September birthstone.) In fact, why not get a couple of […]

Yellow Sapphires Steal the Show

Yellow diamonds are a rare treat and present the collector with a sometimes-shocking price tag. Did you know that yellow sapphires are just as beautiful, frequently impossible to differentiate from diamonds – to the untrained eye – but much easier on the pocket book? Look at the vintage yellow sapphires that steal the show. Yellow […]

Our Favorite Color Change Sapphire Rings

When only the rarest of rare sapphires will do, peruse our inventory of color change sapphire rings. A change of light sources brings about the change in the color of the stone. A gem that looks blue in daylight may change to a deeper shade of purple when worn under incandescent lights. Color changes range […]

5 Sapphires That Make Your Jaw Drop

Over the course of doing business, the experts at Peter Suchy Jewelers see plenty of sapphires pass through our store. Some are nothing short of gorgeous. Others are so rare that we have a hard time letting go of them when a client comes in to buy them. Currently, we have five sapphire jewels in […]

September’s Birthstone: Sapphire

The sapphire is the official September birthstone. Its most commonly seen color range includes a broad range of blue shades, depending on the number of titanium molecules present in the stones. That said, there are other color displays possible as well. When iron is present, the sapphire presents with yellow hues. The availability of other […]

Wear Your Cocktail Rings with Style

The cocktail ring has an illustrious history. Its first mass appeal took hold during the 1940s, when Retro Art Deco jewelry designers enlarged the look of rings. They became statement jewels rather than diminutive pieces that accentuated larger pendants or earrings. In the 1950s and 1960s, their popularity increased. Case in point is this 1960s […]

Blood Red Gems That Take Your Breath Away

Collectors frequently prize rubies for their deep red hues. There is a whole segment of stones that is worthy of the description “blood red.” It requires the stone to show off a red that is deeper than the standard ruby. Yet did you know that not all dark red stones are rubies? We have put […]

When Only Retro Art Deco Jewelry Will Do

Retro Art Deco is a time period dedicated to the beauty of the 1920s jewelry design with manufacturing methods and stylistic interpretations stemming from a time a couple of decades later. Some might argue that these pieces are more Art Deco than the original Art Deco jewels themselves. Would you agree? Retro Art Deco Ring […]

Our Favorite Antique Jewels

Although we see plenty of stunning high-quality jewelry pieces pass through our shop, some have us do double takes. Whether it is the artistry of the pieces, the selection of gemstones or the combination of metal working techniques, these jewels stands out. Here are our favorites; do you agree? Antique Retro Art Deco Pink Gold […]