Top 5 Questions Your Vintage Jeweler Wishes You Would Ask Before Buying

Peter Suchy Jewelers delight in bringing people and vintage jewels together. In some cases, these are one-of-a-kind pieces with a long history. At other times, the clearly superior artisanship sets apart this kind of jewel from those you see currently made. While not every customer inquiry results in a sale, we do hope that every interaction leaves our customers just a bit more educated about the products and their choices. Here are five questions that you should ask any vintage jewelers you are thinking of doing business with.

1. Do You Offer a Satisfaction Guarantee?

Mind you, this is different from a basic return policy. Any jeweler might accept a return because a piece is not as described – if bought online – or the item was damaged in transit. That said, Peter Suchy Jewelers is among the very few where you get a 30-day money-back 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. We will give you back your money if you do not like the piece. There does not have to be anything wrong with it. 

2. Do You Offer Shipping Upgrades?

Most online stores make you pay for the privilege. We do not. Spend more than $1,000 on our vintage jewelry, and you get a free shipping upgrade to Next Day Air. After all, why not start enjoying your jewelry purchase a bit sooner?

3. Can You Fix My Antique Brooch (or other jewel)?

Selling vintage jewelry is easy. What happens when your pin breaks, a diamond on your Art Deco ring loosens or the amethyst briolette pendant setting breaks? Finding a specialist who can handle these repairs is difficult. In most cases, jewelry makers will offer you to fix your vintage pieces with modern methods, which will actually devalue your jewels. Our experts are adept at antique jewelry repair and the material usage this requires.

4. Will You Remove the Patina?

This is a bit of a trick question. Even so, it helps to separate the unreliable operators from the reputable vintage jewelry sellers. A patina is a buildup of a sheen that occurs over the course of decades. Although we clean jewels, we are careful not to damage the patina that is part of a vintage piece’s history. Removing a patina is something a reputable jeweler only does when a piece is being restored.

5. What is Your Reputation?

Peter Suchy Jewelers is a top-rated online seller. We have carefully built this reputation and guard it by dealing honestly and transparently with our customers. Ask any jeweler about the store’s reputation – offline and online – before making a buying decision.
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