Vintage Italian Jewelry for Columbus Day

Columbus Day still sees many celebrations across the United States. Those attending special events memorialize the discovery of the New World by the Genoese explorer. Honor his heritage on that day by wearing Italian vintage jewelry. Peter Suchy Jewelers has scoured the inventory to look for the most amazing pieces. Vintage Carved Hardstone Clip Earrings  […]

Be Catty in All the Right Ways

Being a catty person is not nice, but wearing catty jewelry most certainly is. The friendly folks at Peter Suchy Jewelers have scoured the inventory to look for cat related vintage pieces, and we found some beauties. Are you ready to show off your love for cats? Double Cat Pin Featuring Onyx and Rose Quartz  […]

Vintage Art Deco Favorites

Did you know that the Art Deco era is a favorite of our customers? What is there not to love? Platinum as well as gold are usually the setting materials of choice. Bold colors and geometric style elements go well together to create amazing looks. We have put together a collection of vintage Art Deco […]

Amazing Earrings Ideal for Your Collection

Earrings are the essential accessory for any wardrobe. Not surprisingly, there are plenty of different types currently on the market. Yet we have scoured our inventory for the types of vintage earrings that you just do not see very often anymore. We are confident that some of these pieces are ideal for your collection. What […]