More Vintage Cabochon Jewels!

Judging by the popularity of our recent discussion of cabochons, you are ready for some more examples of these phenomenal stones. Which one is your favorite? Tiffany & Co. Columbian Emerald Cabochon in a Platinum Ring Setting with Diamonds  This Art Deco ring from the 1900s exemplifies the term “wearable art.” A typical Tiffany & […]

Appreciating the Beauty of the Cabochon Cut

Earlier this week, we discussed asterism (the display of a six-ray star within a gem). We showed you some examples of this amazing presentation from our ruby collection. At that time, we pointed to quite a few gems that displayed the cabochon cut. If you were wondering, “what is the big deal with this cut,” […]

A Look Inside Our S. F. Hausner Polish American Atlantic Crossing Medals

Every so often, Peter Suchy Jewelers succeeds at bringing you rare vintage jewels that are not only visually attractive but also commemorate a historic event. This is the case with the S. F. Hausner Polish American Atlantic Crossing medals we currently offer. S.F. Hausner’s Contribution to Aviation Stanislaus Felix Hausner was a celebrated aviator. Of […]

Is the Heat Treatment of Gems a Deal Breaker?

The goal of a heat treatment is the change of a gem’s color. The application of heat to a so-so gemstone with a less than average color display can turn the stone into a spectacular stunner that will have buyers come knocking. Like most other gem alterations, reputable sellers always disclose heat treatments. Is High […]

Our Most Beautiful Irradiated Gemstone Jewels

There is plenty of talk about irradiation. Purists among vintage jewelry collectors do not like to purchase pieces that feature these types of stones. For the collector who adores a beautiful setting design and vivid stone color, the irradiation of the stone is immaterial. In fact, opting for an irradiated gem cuts down on the […]

Should You Buy Dyed Gemstones?

Look at this dyed-black cultured pearl necklace. It is gorgeous. Strung onto 32 inches of silk, you find 95 Japanese Akoya pearls. They measure between 7.5mm and 8.0mm. These cultured pearls display a beautiful luster and a black coloration coming from artificial dye. Now, compare this necklace to the Mikimoto Tahitian black South Sea pearl […]