How to Shop for Vintage Pins

After we had mentioned the jabot pin last time, we received inquiries about the various types of brooches that are currently for sale. While the jabot pin stands out because its display’s success relies on the presentation of fabric in between its decorative ends, other brooches present with different types of remarkable appeals. Learning how […]

The Beauty of Vintage Carrera y Carrera Jewelry

Our recent mention of a Carrera y Carrera pair of angel-themed earrings has sparked an interest in this venerable design house. Who are the artisans that can create highly detailed gold jewelry with such apparent ease? Your questions – answered. A Brief History of Spain’s Most Famous Jewelry Maker The history of Carrera y Carrera […]

Cobalt Blue Jewelry for Avid Collectors

The blue pigment that makes a cobalt hue stand out refers to cobalt oxide heated and pressure  treated with alumina. This sets it apart from the iron and cyanide mixture of Prussian blue or the ground lapis lazuli powder used for the creation of ultramarine deep blue. Although it was used on Chinese porcelain in […]

Should You Say Yes or No to Rhodium Plating?

Look closely at this three-row diamond wave ring. The setting material is 14k yellow gold. It displays 36 round diamonds with a combined weight of .72cts. They arrange in a three-row wave. On top of the yellow gold setting, there is rhodium plating. In this case, the plating enhances the shine and good looks of […]

Set Apart with an Emerald Cut

Among the wide range of stone cutting options, the emerald cut stands out for the presentation of a gem. Why do vintage jewelry aficionados adore this cut – and why should you, too? It is all about the Ratio and the Clarity The magic number of a successful emerald cut is the length to width […]

Synthetic Gems Spell Savings for Jewelry Shoppers

Earlier this year, we discussed the difference between natural and synthetic gemstones. We concluded that buyers of vintage jewelry inevitably favor natural gemstones when selecting their pieces. The histories of the stones as well as their mining locations are just as important to buyers as the looks of the settings. Fast-forwarding to the winter shopping […]