Charm Her with a Charm Bracelet (or Necklace)

The charm bracelet is the kind of jewel that tells you something about the wearer. Decorative pendants adorn the bracelet portion and tell a story. Of course, these bracelets also say something about the person who gives them as gifts. What is the occasion that inspired the gift? Here are exquisite examples of charm bracelets […]

Vintage Bracelets Make Great New Year’s Gifts!

Whether you are visiting an old friend, or you want to impress that special someone with a breathtakingly beautiful vintage jewel, bracelets never disappoint. Peter Suchy Jewelers maintains an inventory of rare and antique pieces that combine flawless artistry with bygone methods of cutting stones. When only the best of the best will do, we […]

Even More Vintage Coral Jewelry!

We had a tremendous response to our last vintage coral jewelry post. Due to the interest our readers expressed, we have added a second post that discusses another group of exquisite coral jewels. Platinum Diamond Ring with a Coral Bead  When artisans designed this ring in the 1950s, they started with a platinum setting. The […]

When Only Coral Jewelry Will Do

Coral jewelry is a favorite among those who love to continue the tradition of ancient royalty. Corals were among the first organic jewelry items to find inclusion in the attire of rulers over vast kingdoms. When you are ready to experience the beauty for yourself, you have many options. Salmon-colored Coral Button Post Earrings  Delight […]

Protect Against Holiday Jewelry Theft with Common Sense and Smart Package Deliveries

The winter holidays are a time to give gifts, show off the vintage jewelry you have selected just for the special party occasions, and await the deliveries of your packages. Unfortunately, it is also a time for sticky-fingered Scrooges to make an appearance. Some eye the jewelry you are wearing. Others target packages you receive. […]

How to Propose Marriage During the Holidays

Whether you are thinking of proposing marriage during the Hanukkah, Christmas or New Year festivities, some universal rules apply. Although you might believe that you are ready to go, consider that a holiday marriage proposal comes with a unique set of pressures and potential for falling flat. Make a mistake here, and it will be […]