Even More Vintage Coral Jewelry!

We had a tremendous response to our last vintage coral jewelry post. Due to the interest our readers expressed, we have added a second post that discusses another group of exquisite coral jewels.

Platinum Diamond Ring with a Coral Bead 

When artisans designed this ring in the 1950s, they started with a platinum setting. The focal gem is the red to orange coral button bead that weighs 13.16cts and shows an astonishingly translucent property. For sparkle, they added 18 round, brilliant-cut diamonds of varying sizes with a combined weight of 1.11cts. The selection of this design ensures an attractive overall display.

Red Coral Earrings with Onyx Gems in Yellow Gold Settings 

Another 1950s design, these earrings combine 18k yellow gold settings with two round orange to red corals. They measure 13.41mm by 13.43mm. Nothing brings out the red hues with more vibrancy than the black color of the 32 trapezoid onyx gems that surround them. These earrings have a width of 21.24mm and a height of 21.21mm. They look sophisticated and chic.

Victorian Antique Pink Gold Ring with Diamonds and Pink Coral Center 

If you only look at one vintage coral jewel today, make it this one. The ring dates back to the 1860s and starts with a 14k pink gold setting. The light pink natural coral piece measures 11.55mm by 7.75mm. Eighteen old-mine-cut diamonds surround the coral and weigh a combined .54cts. The rose gold brings out the pink color of the coral. When you want a wearable work of art, this is it!

Dark Orange Coral Ring in a Yellow Gold Setting with Diamonds 

When you prefer the darker color of an orange coral for your ring’s center gem, consider this jewel. It starts with a 14k yellow gold setting that holds the oval coral cabochon. The coral measures 14.07mm by 10.07mm. Artisans placed 14 round full-cut diamonds around it in a star motif. Their combined weight is .52cts. This elegant ring shows several style elements of the 1950s and 1960s.

Le Triomphe Coral Pin with Tourmalines and Diamonds 

This designer pin is a Le Triomphe original. It starts with a 14k yellow gold setting. Artisans used 35 oval Angel Skin corals with a delicate pink coloring. They measure 7.15mm by 5.06mm by 2.55mm. The setting’s workmanship around these coral pieces is remarkable. Next, there are ten oval tourmalines with a deep green hue. Their combined weight is 3.0cts. At the center of the pin is a dark green, round tourmaline that weighs 1.30cts. For sparkle, jewelers added seven round diamonds with a combined weight of .40cts. Wow!
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