Our Favorite Bead Necklaces for Aficionados of Boho Chic

When you have a Boho chic fan on your Christmas list, bead necklaces are a surefire win. After all, nothing accentuates the bohemian and hippie influences of the style as a fine strand of beads. What are your options?

Rare Arquiana Green Tourmaline Oval Bead Necklace 

This bead necklace measures 18 inches in length. It features 35 natural Arquiana tourmaline beads that feature light green, pink and white colors. The combined weight of these beads is 351.0cts. We added 38 clear quartz beads – one in between each tourmaline piece – to enhance the attractive look of the jewel. They weigh a collective 15.96cts. By the way, your Boho chic fan will love the fact that she can wear the necklace with either the green or the pink side showing.  

Onyx and Gold Bead Necklace 

Resisting the mystique of onyx is difficult. Strung onto a 26-inch necklace, you find 28 14mm onyx beads. Artisans added another 11 beads made from 14k yellow gold. Look carefully and take in the filigree work on the gold pieces; it is exquisite. Black and gold easily pair with any wardrobe choice. When she delights in using her necklaces to make statements, you just cannot overlook this one.

Onyx Bead and Cultured Pearl Necklace 

Combine the timeless beauty of Japanese cultured pearls with the charm of black onyx beads for a 23-inch necklace that truly amazes. These pearls display the light golden color that has become synonymous with the Byard Brogan name. Fifty-three pearls measuring between 6mm and 10.2mm trade off with 54 onyx beads measuring 3.5mm.

Onyx and Aquamarine Bead, Two-strand Necklace from the Art Deco Era 

Onyx combines not just with gold and pearls but also with gems such as the aquamarine. This two-strand necklace measures about 16 inches in length and dates back to the 1920s. The aquamarine beads display with slightly varying hues of blue and green. Sixty-one aquamarine beads weigh in at about 200.0cts and trade off with 61 onyx beads measuring 6mm each. If you only look at one bead necklace today, make it this one.

Orange to Red Coral Bead Necklace 

There is something special about the feel of coral beads. For this necklace, artisans strung a total of 109 untreated, dark orange beads onto a 27-inch length of string. They mixed in semi-translucent and opaque beads. Fifty-six of these beads present with a 4mm size while the remaining beads vary in size between 6.5mm and 14.7mm. The jewel looks gorgeous around the neck.
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