Protect Against Holiday Jewelry Theft with Common Sense and Smart Package Deliveries

The winter holidays are a time to give gifts, show off the vintage jewelry you have selected just for the special party occasions, and await the deliveries of your packages. Unfortunately, it is also a time for sticky-fingered Scrooges to make an appearance. Some eye the jewelry you are wearing. Others target packages you receive. To keep things in perspective, remember that the packages stolen only represent a small number of items delivered. That said, this is little comfort when your package is the one that went missing.
The experts at Peter Suchy Jewelers have compiled a list of suggestions designed to protect against holiday jewelry theft. What do you need to know?
  • Lock up jewelry during parties. When you are hosting a holiday party this year, secure your valuable jewelry in a safe location. Choose a locking cabinet, a room that is off-limits to guests or a wall safe. Keep extremely rare and precious pieces in an off-site safety deposit box.
  • Carry, not wear, expensive pieces to a party. Avoid being mugged simply by carrying expensive or large jewelry pieces in your purse until you arrive at the site of the party or event you attend. Put on the jewelry at the location, and take it off again before you leave.

  • Deal with deliveries before they arrive. When you are anticipating the receipt of a gorgeous vintage jewel but know that you will not be home at the likely time of delivery, be proactive. FedEx lets you customize the time of the delivery as well as the address where you want to take receipt via its FedEx Delivery Manager. The post office allows you to specify backdoor drop-offs as well as GoPost deliveries if this service is available in your area. UPS, too, lets you schedule a delivery with your schedule in mind. Sign up via the UPS My Choice program.
  • Insurance is a necessity. Discuss the jewelry you keep at home with your homeowner’s insurance representative. For shipments, always request insurance so that you will not be liable for the cost of a replacement.
If some jewelry does go missing in spite of your best efforts, do not hesitate to file a police report. It may seem like a long shot to catch someone who has taken a package off your porch or stolen a ring from your jewelry box, but giving the authorities the information related to the incident is vital. When others are also victimized in the same manner, it is easier to compose a likely profile of the thieves and seize them in the act. 
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