Top 3 Vintage Jewelry Maintenance Tips that Prevent Disappointment during the Holidays

Do you have that unique set of vintage jewels that you only wear during the holiday season? Perhaps it is a star-shaped pin and a pair of diamond earrings that mimic the look of snowflakes. Problems can arise when you forget to undertake necessary maintenance of vintage jewelry that you only very rarely wear.

Understanding the Problem

Rarely worn jewels, and those that are specifically kept for only once-a-year-wear, may show signs of disrepair that you simply do not notice. By the time you see the problem, you may figure that you can visit your local jeweler for a repair after the event. Unfortunately, your jewel may not make it through the party or event in one piece.

Proactive Jewelry Maintenance Tips

Our experts have put together a list of three suggestions that can prevent a holiday disappointment and potentially avoid the loss of an irreplaceable gem.

  • Prong repairs. Compromised prongs make a gem vulnerable to being lost. Prong problems can arise from a myriad of causes such as metal failure or inexpert polishing processes. Repairs may include a re-tipping or a replacing of the prong. If you notice that one of the gems in your jewel is moving slightly, it may be time for an expert to inspect the piece.

  • Pearl restringing. Did you know that jewelers string pearls on silk? This material wears out over the course of the years. The tiny knots placed between the pearls also loosen. As a direct result, the affected pearls rub together, which damages them. If you are uncertain when your pearl necklace was last restrung, or you notice that some pearls seem to be closer together than others, it is time to discuss a restringing with your jeweler.

  • Clasp replacement or tightening. Over time, clasps fail to connect as tightly as they did initially. If you see that your watch or bracelet’s clasp falls open, it is time to have it replaced. That said, a jeweler might be able to coax just a bit more life out of the piece by tightening it. 

Taking Your Jewelry to an Expert

We recommend that you work with an expert in the field. This is of particular importance if you are dealing with vintage jewelry. Some of the manufacturing methods call for a practiced touch to preserve the appeal of older settings and stone cuts. Of course, you can always contact our professionals for assistance.
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