Perfect Valentine’s Day Proposal

Perfect Valentine's Day Proposal

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner; today’s post is a engagement ring guide as well as creative ways to pop the question.

Valentine’s Day Proposal

So you’re ready to pop the question. In the first place, get creative. As everyone knows, a restaurant on Valentine’s Day is something that has been played out quite a bit. However, think outside the box. If you’re a good cook; plan to woo her with your cooking skills. Another option is to hire a personal chef for the night. When planning to propose at home; make sure you go the extra mile. For example, have flowers, the right background music, candles and champagne ready.

In the same fashion, you can give her a heart shape box of chocolates. When she opens the box; she will find the perfect engagement ring. Also, you can slip a ring box inside a floral bouquet.

Valentine’s Day Engagement Rings

Now that you decided to take the plunge; decide what type of ring is right for your Valentine. Since Solitaires are one of the most popular ring choices; a beautiful solitaire setting is timeless. The Estate Diamond Engagement Ring is set in Platinum and has Pave Diamonds on the side. No doubt, this beautiful Solitaire Ring will seal the deal. For additional Solitaire Rings, Visit our Solitaire Engagement Ring post.

Perfect Valentine's Day Proposal

Of course, a heart shaped ring is a romantic choice for a Valentine’s Day proposal. This one of a kind Platinum and 18k Gold Ring is set with a rare yellowish, green Sapphire. Be sure to visit our Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings post for additional colored ring styles.

Perfect Valentine's Day Proposal

Indeed, a rose gold engagement ring is perfect for a Valentine’s Day proposal. No doubt, a band of Diamonds encircling the Diamond, make the stone appear larger. The Peter Suchy Diamond Engagement Ring in Rose Gold is a beautiful Ring. For additional pink gold rings; visit our Rose Gold Engagement Rings post.

Perfect Valentine's Day Proposal

Peter Suchy Jewelers wishes all of their Customers, Family and Friends and Happy Valentine’s Day!