Stand Out Vintage Pins

Vintage Pins are often overlooked, which is a shame since they make the perfect accessory for any outfit. No doubt, Vintage Pins add something special to your jackets and dresses. Moreover, they add a unique flare to describe your personality. That’s especially true for vintage pins, as you aren’t likely to find another pin like […]

Soft Gold Tone Jewelry

Soft gold tones are ideal for accessorizing any spring wardrobe. Moreover, gold is the perfect material to deliver it. Also, sometimes the rich tones come from a different material altogether. Can you guess what that is? Soft Gold Tone Jewelry Victorian Moonstone Pendant Chain in Yellow Gold A rare cat’s eye moonstone sits at the […]

Vintage Diamond Necklaces

No doubt, Vintage Diamond Necklaces are beautiful pieces of jewelry that can be worn in many different ways.  Since one of the hottest trends in Women’s fashion styles has been the strapless, off the shoulder and plunging deep V-necklines; these dresses call for statement jewelry.

Vintage Pendant Jewelry

No doubt, Vintage Pendant Jewelry is the perfect accessory. In the first place, a slide pendant can be added to any different length of chain to work with various shirt styles. If you’re having trouble deciding which Vintage Pendant jewelry to add to your collection; take a look at the options we have below. With […]