August Sardonyx Birthstone

August Sardonyx Birthstone

Sardonyx is one of the birthstones for the month of August. So, if you celebrate an August birthday, you have several choices in birthstone jewelry. Beside the Sardonyx birthstone, August has the Peridot and the Spinel.

Sardonyx August Birthstone

First and foremost, this birthstone is closely related to the onyx gemstone.  Not only does this stone come in red, but comes in a variety of colors such as black and green. Consequently, because of the markings in the stone, this gemstone is often thought to be a bloodstone or a onyx. Be sure to visit March Bloodstone Birthstone Jewelry post to see the similarities.

When looking to buy this stone, it is usually available. Usually this stone is found in the United States, Brazil, India, Russia and Uruguay.

Sardonyx Jewelry Pieces

In the same fashion, this gemstone is associated with elements of protection and strength. With this in mind, many people in the 18th century looked for this stone to wear or to keep nearby. Not only is this gemstone considered to offer protection, but also embodies confidence, happiness and optimism.

Now, are you ready to shop for a piece that you can wear everywhere. Wear this beautiful Cameo Rose Gold Pendant to mix up your style. Set in 14k Pink Gold, this authentic Cameo carving silhouette of a Victorian Women is exquisite. No doubt, this would be the perfect gift for any Woman. Also, this piece would be ideal for a new Mom. Be sure to visit our Milestone Jewelry Celebration post to read more about significant and special jewelry pieces.

August Sardonyx Birthstone

From our Vintage collection, circa 1880 – 1900, these hand carved Sardonyx Earrings are hand made. Set in 14k Gold Frames, these Earring stand out with its matching carving of a soldier.

August Sardonyx Birthstone

Of course, you don’t have to pick one birthstone to wear this month – wear all of the birthstones this month and all year.

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