September Sapphire Jewelry

Clear Blue Sapphires in Various Shades

September Sapphire has a lot of different meanings. There is an ancient belief that those born in the month of September can benefit from its mysterious powers. Whether you believe in this or not; the sapphire is one of the most famous gemstones.

September Sapphire

Ultimately, those born in the month of September who wear sapphire gemstones are considered to be clear thinkers and loyal.

First and foremost, the sapphire stone is considered durable and resilient. Since it isn’t as hard as a diamond; it is still a gemstone used for engagement rings.

Did you know not all sapphires are blue? Indeed, they come in every color of the rainbow. And, the color from this gemstone comes from traces of chromium, iron, titanium and other elements.

September Sapphire Jewelry

Are you ready to propose? Of course, these breathtaking rings will have you ready to pop the question.

When you’re thinking of proposing; a Sapphire Ring is perfect due to the value. From our Estate collection, this 1990 Estate Cushion Blue Certified Sapphire Diamond Engagement Ring is stunning. Set in Platinum, this 4.14 ct Sapphire is highlighted with 2 Diamonds.

September Sapphire Jewelry

No doubt, the beautiful hue in this 1920 Vintage Periwinkle Certified Sapphire Ring is gorgeous. Set in Platinum, this Ring features a 10.78 Sapphire and bright single cut Diamonds. Of course, she will say “Yes” when she receives this Sapphire Platinum Engagement Ring.

September Sapphire Jewelry

September Sapphire Colored Jewelry

Indeed, color is one of the most important elements when purchasing a sapphire. When the color is close to a pure blue; the higher the value will be.

However, colored sapphires can reach high value.

For any pink love – she will be thrilled when she receives this Cushion cut Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring. Set in Sapphire, this ring boasts one Cushion cut 1.54 ct Pink Sapphire; highlighted by 42 full cut Diamonds.

For additional colored rings, be sure to visit our Colored Gemstone Engagement Rings post.

September Sapphire Jewelry

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