Just What Is Designer Jewelry?

Are you a jewelry lover? Have you always wondered what the term, “designer jewelry” means?

You’re not alone.

There are many different kinds of designer jewelry. Some pieces are hand-crafted by an independent artist, while others are made by high-end fashion brands.


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Let’s take a closer look at some different kinds of designer jewelry.


3 Kinds of Designer Jewelry

All designer jewelry has a story. Instead of coming from a huge factory, these pieces are crafted by an artist or designer brand. Because of this, these pieces have more symbolism and relevance for the wearer.


Custom & Bespoke

The process of crafting bespoke jewelry is unique. During this process, the designer creates a piece based on the client’s specific ideas. 

When a designer works on a custom or bespoke jewelry piece, that designer is working to fulfill the client’s particular ideas and specifications. And, instead of prioritizing his or her own creativity, the jewelry designer focuses in on the clients’ instructions. 

Designer Commission

Designer commission is an exciting process. Instead of the designer fulfilling the client’s specific vision, they craft a piece using the client’s ideas as inspiration.

Most designers talk with the client first. They might ask the client questions about their material preferences. Designers may also ask questions about how and why the client wears their jewels, and even how jewelry makes the client feel.

By commissioning a designer, clients benefit from the artist’s unique artistic style and voice.


High End Brands

The phrase “high end jewelry” comes from a translation of the French, “haute joaillerie”.

Designer jewelry brands often – but not always – sell hand-crafted pieces. These pieces are frequently made from rare or valuable materials, such as high-karat gold, platinum, or first-rate gems.

Above all, quality and style set designer brands apart. Designer jewelry is crafted in small, limited-edition series. This way, each piece maintains a unique place in history, and in clients’ collections.


How to Choose Your Designer Jewelry

It’s not always easy to find the jewelry you love.

Are you inspired by a specific jewelry artist? Does a certain brand resonate with your aesthetic? Or, are there unique gemstones that enchant you?

Most importantly, whether you choose to get a bespoke piece, designer commission, or work with a fashion brand; follow your heart. Because above all, designer jewelry is a great way to express your personality, and to let your individual style shine through.

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