Sweet Valentine Promotion 2019

Sweet Valentine Promotion 2019

Are you looking for a sweet Valentine gift to show your love? At Peter Suchy Jewelers, our Valentine promotion will help you with any jewelry purchase you make for that special someone.

Sweet Valentine Promotion

With love in the air, Peter Suchy is offering a 10% discount on any purchase you make over $450.00. Not only is this a sweet deal; but gives you the opportunity to select a great piece of jewelry at an affordable price. For some great price points on jewelry; be sure to check out our Affordable Valentines Day Jewelry Gifts post.

Sweet Valentine Jewelry

When it comes to something sweet; there is nothing sweeter than gifting your loved one with a special Valentine’s Day gift. Indeed, gifting someone with a piece of jewelry is always exciting.

Are you thinking of getting engaged this Valentines Day? If so, be sure to head over to our Valentines Day Proposal post for some ideas. However, if you’re already married or in a newer relationship, the heart ring below is a beautiful piece of jewelry. From our Estate collection, this solid 18k Yellow Gold Swirl Ring features two Diamond Hearts set with three cut Diamonds in each heart.

Of course, when you give her this ring, she will know you are committed to her.


Sweet Valentine Promotion 2019

Another great gift idea is a brooch. Since brooches continue to be one of the hottest trends in jewelry; why not surprise her with this Heart pin? From Georg Jensen, this Vintage, yet modern Heart and fine pin is in Sterling Silver and Natural Patina.

To read more about brooches, be sure to visit our Brooch Jewelry Resurgence post.


Sweet Valentine Promotion 2019

Finally, don’t forget to use the coupon below on any sweet Valentine purchase you make online or at our showroom.

Sweet Valentine Promotion 2019

As always, I welcome your comments.

Happy Sweet Valentine Day!