Accessorize your Virtual Meetings

Accessorize your Virtual Meetings

With so many people working from home; accessorize your virtual meetings with jewelry.  Since Facebook, Skype and Zoom have become the new normal in business; it’s important you look professional.

Accessorize your Virtual Meetings with Jewelry

Although you don’t have to wear a suit or full business attire; you should still put on something business appropriate. For example, wear a simple dress and make sure your hair and makeup look good.  Women should not have their hair cover their eyes and face. And, Men should avoid wearing hats that cover their eyes.

Meanwhile, everyone always wants to look great in a meeting. So, if you’re wondering what to wear when you have a meeting; the key is to wear exactly what you would wear to the office.

With social distancing and working remotely; many of us are not taking the time to dress for a day of meetings. So, next time you have a meeting; be sure to visit our Quarantine Blues Jewelry post for some ideas.

Classic, but with a pop, these two-tone earrings add a pop to your attire. Set in 14k yellow and white gold, this style is ideal to wear for work or any occasion.

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Accessorize your Virtual Meetings with Jewelry

In the warmer months, you may be wearing pearls more often and other nautical style jewelry. To see some great styles that would be ideal for any virtual event; be sure to visit our Shop our Summer Jewelry and South Sea Pearl Jewelry posts.

When it comes to virtual meetings, you can add a brooch, bracelet, ring, or necklace to make your outfit look perfect.

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Meanwhile, make sure you take off any noisy jewelry. After all, the focus is on the meeting and you don’t want your accessories to cause disruption.