Dazzle in Sapphires this Month

Dazzle in Sapphire this Month

Dazzle in Sapphires this month. Since this is the birthstone for September; there are many variations of this gemstone. For instance, this gemstone is typically known for its vibrant blue color. But, also this gemstone comes in several other colors such as black, green, pink, purple orange, yellow, and other shades. So, are you ready to learn about this birthstone?

Dazzle in Sapphires this Month

In the same fashion, this gemstone is known for its mystical connection.  In addition, many consider this gemstone to aid in the ailment of various medical conditions such as:

  • Ears
  • Eyes
  • Head
  • Throat

Moreover, this gemstone is also known to have emotional and spiritual benefits.

Since Pantone has named Classic Blue the color of the year; be sure to visit our Classic Blue Jewelry Pantone post for other gorgeous blue styles.

From our Estate collection, circa the 1960s; this Sapphire Ring is custom made. This style features 1 oval light blue Sapphire Cabochon surrounded by 12 round blue Sapphires in a unique star setting.


Dazzle in Sapphires this Month

If you’re thinking of popping the question; the Peter Suchy Diamond Sapphire Engagement Ring is a beauty. Set in platinum, this classic 3 set styles features 1 oval blue Sapphire with 2 round Diamonds in a Platinum setting.


Peter Suchy Diamond Sapphire Engagement Ring

So, if you’re looking for something fancy; this rare Vintage Sapphire Ring is a find. Circa 1940s, this rare Art Deco handmade Ring features a fancy light yellow Sapphire with 4 straight baguette Diamonds.

Ultimately, this ring is great for anyone celebrating a September birthday.


Fancy Yellow Sapphire Ring

Moreover,  many fancy sapphires have a tendency to show a multitude of colors. At the same time, many of the colors show a variety of hues. For example, in the daytime; a color change Sapphire can go from green to a reddish-brown in incandescent lighting.

In essence, the September birthstone brings a gift of fulfillment and beauty.