Why Should you Consider a Custom Design

Why Should you Consider a Custom Design

If you’re looking for something different; you may want to consider a custom design piece of jewelry. When it comes to jewelry or anything for that matter; you may want to consider having something made.

Why Should you Consider a Custom Design?

Whether you’re searching for a special gift for someone or a piece for yourself; a custom style is one that usually begins from scratch. So, if you see a photograph of something you like or you want something that resembles a piece of jewelry that is similar to your parents or grandmother; there are a lot of things to consider.

How to Begin

For starters, if you have some gemstones or a diamond but don’t wear it much; now is the time to have it made into something that expresses your style or taste. Moreover, if it is going to be a surprise; you may want to pay attention to someone’s style.

However, if you’re a man and want something special for your significant other; think outside the box. First and foremost, what do you think the person would like? Or, wear?

Meanwhile, if you have your own vision; you can work with a trusted jeweler in having the perfect piece of jewelry made.

Meaningful Options

When it comes to giving a gift to someone special;  it should come from the heart. To select something special; be sure to visit our Dazzle in Meaningful Jewelry post for some ideas.

At the same time, it is important to work with a jeweler who understands your vision. Moreover, Peter Suchy has been creating special pieces for several decades. To read more about Peter’s inspiration and ideas; be sure to check out our Peter Suchy Workshop Collection post.

So, if you’re thinking of proposing and looking for something with history; but also want something modern, make sure you review a lot of settings and stones. Are you looking for platinum? Gold? Antique? Diamonds or a Colored gemstone?

Now that you have looked over some styles; the Diamond and Sapphire Ring is perfect. Set in platinum, this ring features 1 round GIA certified Diamond and 52 round Sapphires highlighted by 28 round full cut Diamonds.


Why Should you Consider a Custom Design

In summary, a custom design piece of jewelry will give you a lifetime of pleasure and furthermore, a piece of jewelry you will love wearing.