Birthstone Pendants for Everyone

Birthstone Pendants for Everyone

Whether you have a birthday or are shopping for someone else; birthstone pendants can be worn as a single necklace or you can layer this with other necklaces. For tips on how to stack your necklaces; be sure to visit our Layering Your Necklaces post.

Birthstone Pendants

So, are you looking for something new to wear? Or, are you looking for a birthday present? When it comes to a special present for someone who has a birthday; there are different gemstones for each month of the year.

Of course, everyone has a birthday. In fact, there is nothing more special than wearing something extra special. So, let’s take a look at the different gemstones for each month of the year.

In January, garnets are perfect for anyone. Whether you have a birthday or love the color red; a garnet is less expensive than a ruby, and these stones are considered to have healing power.

Circa, the 1840s, this Victorian Necklace is a beauty. Set in 14k yellow gold, this necklace features 1 oval and 1 pear cabochon Garnet and 5 cushion Diamonds.


Birthstone Pendants for EveryoneSince February is the month of love – be sure to check out our Beautiful Amethyst Birthstone Jewelry for February Birthdays post for some special styles.

March has two birthstone choices – the Aquamarine and the Bloodstone. To learn more about both birthstones; be sure to visit our March Birthday Birthstone Jewelry Choices post.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and what is more special is a piece of Diamond jewelry. For some exquisite Diamond necklaces; check out our It Is Raining Diamonds Everywhere post.

Whether you are celebrating a birthday in May or love the color green; an Emerald necklace is the perfect gift.

Circa, the 1860s, this Victorian Necklace is 58 inches in length and features 10 genuine Emeralds. Moreover, this style is ideal to pair with other necklaces. For some ideas, be sure to visit our Mix and Match your Summer Jewelry post.


Since June is another month that has three birthstones; you have lots of choices. Check out our Alexandrite Jewelry Gift Ideas – June Birthstone Rings, Moonstone Jewelry Gifts – June Birthdays and Pearls are Known as the Queen Jewels for June Birthstones posts.

Rubies are one of the most popular gemstones and for some gorgeous July birthstone jewelry; visit our Shop Ruby Birthstone Jewelry for Someone Celebrating a July Birthday post.

Another month that has three birthstones to choose from is August. To learn more about August’s birthstones; check out our What will you Choose from the Three August Birthstones post.

In September, a Sapphire pendant is perfect for anyone celebrating a birthday this month or for anyone anytime of the year. With this in mind, the Sapphire heart pendant would be ideal for any woman. Set in 14k white gold, this necklace features 26 round blue Sapphire gemstones in a heart. Also, this style is perfect to layer with other necklaces.


Sapphire Heart Necklace

Another month with several choices is October. For anyone celebrating a birthday in October, you can choose either the Opal or Tourmaline birthstone. For some great styles, be sure to visit our Tourmaline Birthstone Jewelry and October Opal Birthstone Jewelry posts.

Also, November has two birthstones to choose from. To learn more about both birthstones; check out our Double Dose November Birthstone post.

Finally, for the last month of the year;. lucky you – you have three birthstone choices. Be sure to visit our What December Birthstone Jewelry will you Select post.

In summary, now you know all of the birthstone pendants for each month; you can have fun choosing one you want or one to give as a gift.