Best Jewelry Investments for 2021

Best Jewelry Investments for 2021

The best jewelry investments for 2021 include rare gemstones, colored diamonds, and signed jewelry. In the meantime, over the last decade; investing in jewelry is comparable to real estate. So, you may be wondering how? Well, it’s simple. Because there is a high demand for certain styles and gemstones; there is a lot of money to be made.

Best Jewelry Investments for 2021

With the Fall season here and the holiday season a few months away; you may be thinking of buying jewelry as a gift or for yourself. Hence, if you are willing to invest in jewelry and want to make money; you may want to buy the following types of jewelry.

Colored Diamonds

Of course, we all know Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But, colored Diamonds are rare and continue to grow in popularity. Consequently, Fancy Diamonds are favored in blue, pink, and red.

In fact, a pink Diamond was recently sold in a Hong Kong auction for a staggering $71.2 million.

Columbian Emeralds

At the same time, natural and untreated Emeralds are a great investment. With this in mind, this bluish, minty-green Columbian Emerald with F1 clarity is extremely rare. Set in 18k and platinum, this ring features 1 oval 1.36 carat Emerald gemstone highlighted by 6 round Diamonds.

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Best Jewelry Investments for 2021

Saltwater Pearls

Because the value of these pearls in those available are over 100 years old. In fact, any type of antique or designer saltwater pearl piece will continue to rise in value.

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Since pearls have been one of the hottest trends in jewelry for the last several years; it is no surprise that natural saltwater pearl jewelry is in high demand.

Ultimately, jewelry pieces will increase in value and have a promising future.