Cocktail Rings to Wear - National Jewel Month

Cocktail Rings to Wear – National Jewel Month

Are you looking for the best cocktail rings to wear? Well, we have oversized gem and diamond rings for you to show off your style. Since 2022 is about bold jewelry styles; our selection is right on-trend. Check out 2022 Will be About Large Jewelry post for pieces to attract attention.

Cocktail Rings to Wear

When it comes to wearing a large statement ring; there are no rules. Whereas you can wear a cocktail ring on any hand or finger.

Furthermore, there is a ring that you can wear for any occasion. Whether you are going somewhere with your friends or headed to a formal event; there is a style that is right to wear for any occasion. And, to really have fun with a statement ring; check out our Summer Cocktail Rings to Wear this Season post where you will find the perfect drinks to pair with your statement ring.

Of course, the fun part about wearing a large ring; is the style shows off your personality. So, if you are looking to make a statement; let’s start by selecting a ring to dazzle.

Peter Suchy GIA Certified Black Opal Cocktail Ring

From Peter Suchy Workshop, this GIA-certified Cocktail Ring features a 7.55 black opal surrounded by a halo of Diamonds. Circa, the 1950s, the Estate gemstone features a vivid black, blue and green color in a platinum setting.


Cocktail Rings to Wear - National Jewel Month

Aqua Ruby Cocktail Ring

From our Vintage collection, this octangular deep blue Aquamarine gemstone is set with 12 rectangular French cut Red Ruby gemstones in a  14k yellow gold setting.

For other gorgeous Aquamarine styles; be sure to visit our Best Aquamarine Jewelry for March Birthdays and Aquamarine and Bloodstone Rings – March Birthstones post.


Cocktail Rings to Wear - National Jewel Month

Pink Tourmaline Diamond Cocktail Ring

When you are looking to make a statement; look no further then this show-stopper. Set in 14k white gold; this Ring features 1 pear shaped pink Tourmaline surrounded by 22 round brilliant cut Diamonds.


Pink Tourmaline Diamond Ring

So, if you’re ready to shop for cocktail rings to wear not only during National Jewel Month, but anytime; we have some amazing styles to suit your budget and taste.