Emerald Jewelry Guide - Things to Know

Emerald Jewelry Guide – Things to Know

Our Emerald Jewelry Guide is here. And, we are here to let you know everything you need to know about this stunning gemstone. So, are you ready to buy an Emerald piece of jewelry?

Emerald Jewelry Guide

When you are looking to purchase an Emerald piece of jewelry for yourself, as a gift, or as an investment piece; there are several things to consider.

Whether you are shopping online or in person; you should work with a reputable jeweler. At the same time, each gemstone is created naturally.So, the hue can vary. Typically, the best shade is a vivid green. Also, the color shouldn’t be too dark or have too much blue or yellow.

In fact, one of the most important things you should look for is the green should appear even.

Similar to buying a Diamond; it is essential to understand the 4C’s. Moreover, visit our 4 C’s Learning Curve post on what you should look for.

Though the price may be a factor in what you can afford to spend; you may want to choose a style with a smaller gemstone. For example, Emeralds that have a larger carat; typically cost much more than a smaller Emerald piece of jewelry.

Retro Emerald Pendant

From our Vintage collection, this Retro Emerald Pendant features a high-quality Columbian deep green Emerald gemstone. Set in 14k yellow gold, this style features one Columbian Emerald and 6 round Diamonds on a 16 inch rope chain.


Emerald Jewelry Guide - Things to Know

Emerald Seed Pearl Necklace

When price isn’t a objective; you may want to consider this stunning Art Nouveau Necklace.

Since this season’s trends are all about bold and statement jewelry; you will be right on trend when you wear this Necklace. This original 1910 multi-strand Necklace features GIA natural seed Pearls with 4 carved, freeform Emerald gemstones on a 50 inch 14k yellow gold gold tassel Necklace.


Emerald Jewelry Guide - Things to Know


In summary, our Emerald Jewelry Guide should help you select the perfect piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift.