Statement Wedding Bands

Statement Wedding Bands

When it comes to statement wedding bands; there are a lot of styles to choose from. So, over the last several years there has been a shift in jewelry. Since many people are embracing gender neutral; one big trend in a stand-alone band.

Statement Wedding Bands

In the same fashion, these stand-alone bands offer a different type of look that is very fashionable. So, if you don’t want to stick to a traditional style; you have options. In fact, many people are not wearing their engagement ring and wedding band together. Also, many individuals are choosing to wear a band on one hand and their engagement ring on another hand.

Tiffany & Co., Men’s Platinum Wedding Band

At the same time, this style is right on trend. From Tiffany & Co., this style is ideal for any guy. Featuring a 4.5 width; this band is perfect for him to wear all the time.


Tiffany & Co., Men's Platinum Wedding Band

However, if you have your mind set on a style with a center stone; there are many options. For instance, you can still go for a diamond encrusted style or wear your band and engagement ring together.

Of course, anything goes!

Vintage Retro Platinum Diamond Band

From our Vintage collection, circa, the 1940s, this style is perfect.

Everything old is new again. Moreover, this style features 42 round cut single Diamonds in an Eternity Wedding Band.

Also, this style can be worn without your engagement ring.


Statement Wedding Bands

Because there are so many options in jewelry today; check out our Same Sex Wedding Bands post for other options that are good for either men or women.

Indeed, when you are looking for a statement wedding bands; let your imagination go.

If you cannot find what you are looking for; you can have a one-of-a-kind style created to suit either yours or your partner’s taste.