Red Ruby Jewelry – July Birthdays

Red Ruby Jewelry - July Birthdays

Red Ruby jewelry is perfect for anyone who has a birthday this month or who loves this gemstone. At Peter Suchy Jewelers; we have a wide range of styles that are the perfect gift for anyone celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

Red Ruby Jewelry

When it comes to this gemstone; it is known as being the “King of Gemstones”.

Whether you are thinking of proposing, buying a special gift or you want to buy yourself a piece of jewelry; this gemstone is ideal. In fact, if you are thinking of proposing; this gemstone has a hardness that is second only to a Diamond.

In addition to this being the birthstone for the month of July; it is also the gift to celebrate a 40th Anniversary.

Ruby Diamond Engagement Ring

Whether you are looking for something traditional or a style that has a burst of color; this Engagement Ring is ideal. Set in Platinum; this style features one bright clear oval Ruby gemstone highlighted by 2 round brilliant cut Diamonds and 2 full cut Diamonds.

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Red Ruby Jewelry - July Birthdays

Of course, there are many different styles available in this magical birthstone. At the same time, earrings are one of the best styles to give as a gift or to buy for yourself.

Vintage Red Ruby Diamond Dangle Earrings

Meanwhile, if you are looking for an earring style to make a statement; these Vintage Earrings are perfect. Set in solid Platinum; these Earrings feature 2 Natural Red Ruby Cabochon gemstones, 2 full cut Diamonds, 8 baguette cut Diamonds, and 32 single cut Diamonds; circa, the 1940s.


Red Ruby Jewelry - July Birthdays

In summary, Red Ruby Jewelry is something you will surely fall in love with. Moreover, this gorgeous color will brighten up your skin tone and any outfit you wear.