August Birthstone Jewelry Guide

Best August Birthstone Jewelry

In our August Birthstone Jewelry Guide; I am here to share everything you need to know about the Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel. Initially, only the Peridot and Sardonyx were listed as the birthstones for August. However, in 2016, this was updated to list the Spinel in both the American Gem Trade Association and Jewelers of America.

August Birthstone Jewelry Guide – Peridot

When it comes to the three birthstones for August; the most popular choice is usually the Peridot. Meanwhile, the history of this gemstone goes far back. Earlier in time, the Egyptians valued this stone and kept the location a secret.

Because the Peridot was considered the “Gem of the Sun”, it is easy to see why the Egyptians kept its whereabouts a secret.

Also, the Peridot has a variety of meanings.

  • Happiness
  • Harmony
  • Kindness

Estate Peridot Cocktail Ring

From our Estate collection, circa, the 1960s; this style features 1 Marquise Green Peridot surrounded by 48 round single-cut Diamonds in a 14k white gold setting.

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August Birthstone Jewelry Guide

August Birthstone Jewelry Guide – Spinel

Since Spinel is the newest of the three birthstones for August; this gemstone is known for its brilliance and comes in a variety of colors.

In the same fashion, the Spinel has a rich and royal history. Moreover, in earlier centuries; the Spinel was a gem of royal courts. Though it was confused with several other gemstones; the Spinel was finally discovered as its own gem in 1783.

Also, the Spinel has several meanings.

  • Happiness
  • Hopeful
  • Reflect and replenish your body, mind, and spirit.

Robin Rotenier Spinel Cocktail Ring

When you are looking for a unique style; this stunning Cocktail Ring is perfect. Set in 18k yellow gold; this Ring features 1 natural red Spinel accented with 11 round natural fancy pink Diamonds.


August Birthstone Jewelry Guide

August Birthstone Jewelry Guide – Sardonyx

So, the Sardonyx is considered to be the traditional birthstone for August. Hence, this gemstone was considered to be found in the old testament; and, it was popular in Egyptian and Roman times.

Moreover, the Sardonyx comes from two different gemstones. In addition, the colors can vary from orange to black.

Also, the Sardonyx is considered to symbolize a few different things.

  • Happiness
  • Good fortune
  • Love

Vintage Sardonyx Earrings

Circa, 1880 – 1900s, these original handmade Sardonyx Earrings feature carved soldiers in a reddish background in 14k gold.


August Birthstone Jewelry Guide

Finally, if you like a lot of different types of jewelry; you have several gemstones to choose from to celebrate your birthstone month.