Tennis Bracelets for Everyone

Tennis Bracelets for Everyone

Are you shopping for tennis bracelets? When it comes to this type of jewelry; it is one of the latest styles making a comeback.

Tennis Bracelets

In the past, many wore these styles as status symbols. However, that has changed. Now, many individuals want to wear this style with their everyday look which works no matter what they have on.

For instance, sentimental styles are always in fashion. With both the 80s and 90s playing a big part in fashion these days; it is no surprise these styles are in the spotlight.

Whether you are looking for a style that is more modern or you prefer an antique style; there are plenty of styles to choose from.

Estate Sapphire and Diamond Tennis Bracelet

From our Estate collection, this style is ideal for anyone who has a September birthday or wants a casual style that goes with everything.

Set in 14k yellow gold, this style features 13 oval blue Sapphire gemstones and 13 round Diamonds in an “XO” design.


Tennis Bracelets for Everyone

Hence, it is no surprise that tennis bracelets are a style that is wearable for everyone. At the same time, the key to wearing a tennis bracelet is to style this with a T-shirt and a pair of jeans, athleisure wear, or to layer with other bracelets. For tips on wearing this style with other bracelets; check out our Stacking Bracelets Story post.

Of course, whether you choose to wear your bracelet dressed down or up; the look of mixing something old with something new is a fresh spin. Moreover, everything old is new again.

Two Row Diamond Handmade Bracelet

In the same fashion, there is something special about wearing something that turns heads. For instance, this gorgeous handmade two-row Bracelet features 120 round Diamonds in a checkerboard pattern in platinum.

Indeed, this style is sure to have all eyes on your wrist.


Tennis Bracelets for Everyone

In summary, whether you are looking for a classic style featuring diamonds or want a style featuring different gemstones; we have a large selection of tennis bracelets at all price points.