Standout Jewelry to Wear

Standout Jewelry to Wear

This season’s standout jewelry to wear includes chunkier and larger pieces. Since this season is all about statement pieces; check out our 2022 Will be About Large Jewelry post for some head-turning styles.

Standout Jewelry

With the holiday season here; it is time to go glam. Whether you are looking to accessorize your outfit with something sparkly; check out our How to Make a Grand Entrance post for styles that are sure to have everyone notice what you are wearing.

Indeed, buying Art Deco and Estate jewelry can be tricky. However, we can help guide you in selecting the perfect piece of jewelry that strikes a balance of timeless, yet modern.

When it comes to choosing the right gift or piece of jewelry that is timeless; we have a large inventory of Antique and Vintage pieces for you to choose something special. And, if you want something unique; Peter Suchy can design a one-of-a-kind piece for you.

So, if you are looking for a special gift for someone as a holiday gift, birthday present, or planning to propose; choose a piece that someone will wear often.

Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendant Drop Necklace

Of course, you won’t be singing the blues when you are dripping in Diamonds and Topaz gemstones. And, if you are looking for some beautiful jewelry to wear; visit our Chase Away the Winter Blues with our December Birthstones post.

Since Diamonds are timeless; this Necklace features one pear-shaped blue Topaz gemstone accented with 5 round blue Topaz gemstones and one single cut Diamond in 14k white gold.

In addition, this style is not only classic but also reflects the trends of the moment.


Standout Jewelry to Wear

Also, colored diamonds are standout jewelry to wear anytime. In fact, fancy-colored Diamonds enhance the color of the Diamond.

Moreover, diamonds come in many different colors. With an uptick of interest in fancy Diamonds; check out our Brown Colored Diamonds post for some eye-catchy styles.

Peter Suchy Natural Brownish-Green Yellow Engagement Ring

So, if you are thinking of proposing and know she prefers something unique; this rare natural brownish-green, yellow Engagement Ring is a beauty.

GIA-certified, this one-of-a-kind natural colored Diamond is ideal for anyone who is looking for standout jewelry to wear.

Set in platinum; this Engagement Ring features 1 round fancy colored brownish-green yellow Diamond with 18 round Diamonds in a gorgeous setting.


Standout Jewelry to Wear

Also, for other standout jewelry, you may want to consider pink gold and geometric striking styles.

Happy Holidays!