Best Bloodstone Jewelry

When you are looking for the best Bloodstone Jewelry to give as a gift or buy for yourself; we have rounded up some of the best pieces.

Best Bloodstone Jewelry

In the first place, this gemstone is also known as a Heliotrope. At the same time, this gemstone is considered the traditional birthstone for March.

In addition, this gemstone varies in color from dark green to opaque chalcedony with a splash of red and orange spots.

Also, the number of spots and colors plays a role in the value of this gemstone. For instance, if you find deep red or dark orange spots; this tends to be higher in price point.

Because these gemstones are extremely durable; they are suitable to wear regularly.

Also, this gemstone has been known for centuries to provide protection, support, and for healing.

Antique Victorian Bloodstone Gold Locket Necklace

So, if you are looking for something special; this Necklace is perfect.

Circa, 1880 – 1890s, this Victorian handmade 2-sided engraved locket opens to hold 2 pictures inside. Meanwhile, if you are giving this as a gift; you can put 2 pictures of the two of you together.

On one side, this Locket features Natural Bloodstone in green with red flecks and the other side is a layered hardstone, Agate with gray on top and darker gray underneath.

Moreover, this necklace is ideal to layer with other necklaces. For some tips on styles to wear with this locket; visit our Layer and Style your Necklaces post.


Best Bloodstone Jewelry

In addition, many Scarab Jewelry often features a carved bloodstone. For more information; visit our Hidden Meaning Behind Scarab Jewelry post.

Vintage Art Deco Bloodstone Ring

From our Vintage collection, this 1930s, Art Deco Ring features 1 rectangle reddish green  Bloodstone gemstone set in 14k white gold.


Best Bloodstone Jewelry

Of course,, any of these styles is the perfect gift for anyone celebrating a March birthday.

In summary, our selection of the best Bloodstone jewelry is unique and worth buying.