National Jewel Day is Today March 13th

National Jewel Day is Today March 13th

National Jewel Day is today, March 13th. So, are you ready to put on your favorite gemstones and family heirlooms?

National Jewel Day

In the first place, this day is all about celebrating your favorite jewels. Of course,, special jewelry that we have received has a way of reminding us of reliving those special moments.

When it comes to jewelry; it comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Whether you prefer to wear something simple or something flashy; show off your favorite jewels today.

Peter Suchy Tourmaline and Diamond Dangle3 Earrings

From Peter Suchy Workshop, these one-of-a-kind Earrings are perfect to show off your style.

Crafted in 14k yellow gold, these Earrings feature 1 Marquise cut pink Tourmaline and 1 Marquise cut green Tourmaline with 2 brilliant cut Diamond tops.

Since one of the leading trends for 2023 is Look at Me Earrings; you will be right on trend in these beauties.


National Jewel Day is Today March 13th

Indeed, there are a lot of ways you can celebrate this day. For instance, if you have your eye on a particular piece; today is the perfect day to buy yourself something you love.

Peter Suchy AGL Certified Opal and Diamond Necklace

From Peter Suchy Workshop, this Opal pendant features 1 Opal gemstone with a hue of blue, green, yellow, and gray highlighted by 16 round vivid ideal cut Diamonds and 16 round ideal cut Diamonds in 18k yellow gold on a 20-inch chain.


National Jewel Day is Today March 13th

Since March has two birthstones; why not select an Aquamarine or Bloodstone piece of jewelry. Check out our Best Aquamarine Jewelry and Best Bloodstone Jewelry posts for some gorgeous jewelry styles.

Lastly, appreciate your favorite jeweler. Visit them today and see if there is something new or perhaps now is the time to have a piece you don’t wear that was given to you, remade. Visit our Why Consider Having a Custom Made Piece of Jewelry post.

Finally, whether you visit your favorite jeweler today or wear something special; celebrate National Jewelry Day with some special jewels!