Blue Jewelry that Matches the Sea and Sky

Blue Jewelry that Matches the Sea and Sky

When you are looking for blue jewelry that matches the sea and sky; we have lots of options for you to showcase this color.

Blue Jewelry that Matches the Sea and Sky

Whether you collect seashells or are star-gazing; there is something about showcasing wearable pieces. Indeed, the color blue is timeless! At the same time, we see blue in the endless sky and the ocean.

In the same fashion, this color is a constant in our lives. So, why not make this your favorite color to wear in jewelry?


When you think about this color; Sapphires are usually the first gemstone that comes to mind. In fact, one of the most loved Sapphires is a Kashmir Sapphire. Moreover, a Kashmir Sapphire is a 9 on the Mohs hardness scale and is highly sought after by many Collectors.

Sapphire & Pearl Necklace

Circa, the 1930s, this Vintage Necklace features graduated crescent shape GIA certified Yogo Gulch Montana Blue Sapphires and 41 natural Saltwater cream Pearls set in a 14k yellow gold 20-inch chain.


Blue Jewelry that Matches the Sea and Sky

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In addition, Aquamarine was named after the seawater. Ultimately, this stunning hue conjures up images of the ocean. Also, this gemstone is affordable.

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Peter Suchy Aqua Diamond Dangle Earrings

From Peter Suchy Workshop, this style features 2 Aquamarine gemstones and 62 round brilliant cut Diamonds in a 14k yellow gold dangle design.


Blue Jewelry that Matches the Sea and Sky


Another shade that sparkles with the color off-white and beige is Turquoise. Check out our Turquoise Statement post on how to add this bright and vibrant shade to your wardrobe.

Finally, when wearing this color; we recommend you pair Turquoise with any type of metal. Also, this gemstone goes with any outfit.

In summary, there are many different blue jewelry styles to choose from.