Sapphire Jewelry Guide

Sapphire Jewelry Guide

Our Sapphire jewelry guide will provide you with everything you need to know about September’s birthstone. So, this gemstone is a variation of the mineral Corundum.

Sapphire Jewelry Guide

Although this gemstone is usually blue; it can also be found in other colors. Whether you are looking for blue, green, pink, purple, red, white, or yellow; you will find this gemstone in many different tones.

Indeed, you can find Sapphires in many different jewels.

Often, you can find Sapphires in earrings, necklaces, and rings.

Peter Suchy Antique Cushion GIA Padparadscha Sapphire Engagement Ring

In fact, many individuals are choosing this gemstone over a traditional diamond as an engagement ring. With this in mind, this handmade Engagement Ring is a beauty.

Circa 1900 – 1920, this Engagement Ring is set in platinum.

In the same fashion, this style features 1 cushion cut GIA-certified natural orangey-pink Padparadscha Sapphire with 120 high-quality round full cut Diamonds.


Peter Suchy Antique Cushion GIA Padparadscha Engagement Ring

So, if you are looking for jewelry for yourself; you can find this gemstone in all different styles and price ranges. Visit our September Sapphire Birthstone Jewelry post for some other jewelry ideas.

Estate Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

From our Estate collection; these Earrings feature 2 round Sapphires and 18 round Diamonds set in a 14k yellow gold triangle shape.


Sapphire Jewelry Guide

Moreover, this gemstone typically comes with a few inclusions. However, if you find a Sapphire without any inclusions; this would be very rare and extremely expensive.

Vintage Rare Sapphire & Diamond Engagement Ring

Circa, 1940 – 1950, this rare one-of-a-kind natural GIA-certified Sapphire changes color in various lighting. For example, it can appear light pink under some lighting and yellow under other lights.

Set in platinum, this Engagement Ring features 1 cushion cut pink and orangey-yellow Sapphire with 2 tapered Diamonds.

Indeed, this Engagement Ring is special!


Sapphire Jewelry Guide

Of course, there are endless possibilities with September’s birthstone.

In summary, our Sapphire jewelry guide should help you find the perfect piece of jewelry to wear or collect.