Repurpose Your Heirloom Jewelry

Repurpose Your Heirloom Jewelry

Repurpose your Heirloom Jewelry! Whether you are cleaning out your closet or inherited something; it is time to create something new that you can wear every day.

Repurpose Your Heirloom Jewelry

When something isn’t your style or you have an old piece that is damaged; having a piece of jewelry remade is a special way to honor the history of the piece. For instance, if you have a piece that is damaged or isn’t your style; we have a lot of experience doing this type of work. To learn more, visit our Peter Suchy Workshop Collection post.

First and foremost, decide if you like the way a piece looks. But, if a piece doesn’t suit you; you may want to use the gemstones to create something new. Also, many metals can be melted down. With this in mind, you can have something made into something new.

Meanwhile, there are many choices. For instance, if you have an old ring; you can use the gemstones to incorporate into a new design. Or, perhaps you may want to use the stones to have something else made. Since we have created many one-of-a-kind pieces; check out our Peter Suchy Design Tressures post for some ideas.

Peter Suchy Black Tourmaline & Gold Dangle Earrings

From Peter Suchy Workshop, these Earrings feature a rare custom Quartz.

Set in 14k white gold, this style features 2 clear Tourmaline gemstones in a dangle design.


Peter Suchy Black Tourmaline & Gold Dangle Earrings

When it comes to Heirloom jewelry; there are different types. First, it may be made of high-quality materials. Also, many older pieces may not have the quality you are looking for.

So, the best way to handle this is to bring your pieces to a reputable jeweler.

At Peter Suchy Jewelers, we have extensive experience in bringing newness into old pieces.

Of course, there are many possibilities.

Finally, when you repurpose your Heirloom jewelry; you are having a piece remade to carry one story from one generation to the next.