Top Jewelry Investments for 2024

Top Jewelry Investments for 2024

When you are looking for the top jewelry investments for 2024; there are many pieces to consider investing in. So, if you are willing to be in it for the long haul; there is definitely money to be made.

Top Jewelry Investments

Although the market has been up and down; jewelry is a promising investment. In the last several years; natural Saltwater Pearls have continued to grow in value. Since they are impossible to find; you will be lucky if you find a Saltwater Pearl piece of jewelry.

Because pearl diving has become much more dangerous; you seldom see this type of jewelry. Indeed, you can expect the price to continue to rise.

GIA Natural Saltwater Pearl & Diamond Necklace

From the 1900s, this Edwardian Pearl and Diamond Necklace is a beauty.

Surrounding one Saltwater Pearl in the center are 8 Natural Saltwater Pearls mixed with 8 round old European Diamonds set in Platinum in 18k gold.


Top Jewelry Investments for 2024

Another investment to consider is colored Diamonds. When it comes to colored Diamonds; there has been a lot of interest in fancy Diamonds. Moreover, fancy Diamonds are prized for their captivating hues. Visit our Brown Colored Diamonds article to learn more about their mysterious quality.

Antique Art Deco Brown Diamond Ring

From the 1930s, this Art Deco Old European Ring features an original platinum setting with channel set Diamonds.

Set in platinum, this Ring features one Old European natural light brown Diamond highlighted by 10 old Old European cut Diamonds. Also, the rare light brown Diamonds with a slight overtone of gray and light blue make this Ring stand out.

Of course, any collector will treasure this rare Antique Art Deco Diamond Ring.


Top Jewelry Investments for 2024

Moreover, there are many top jewelry investments to also consider to build your portfolio.

For instance, Gold continues to be a solid investment. Over the last decade, prices have continued to increase in gold. Visit our Golden Finery for Every Day article for styles to add to your wardrobe and add your portfolio. Also, gold tends to perform better than other metals.

Meanwhile, if you are keen on investing in jewelry; you may want to consider investing in platinum. When you are considering investing in platinum; you may want to look for pieces from the Art Deco Era.

In summary, when you are starting to invest in jewelry; make sure you work with a reputable jeweler. At Peter Suchy Jewelers; we have the knowledge to help you buy the right pieces that will fit your lifestyle and continue to increase in value.