Winter has Arrived with Colorful Gems

Winter has Arrived with Colorful Gems

Winter has arrived with colorful gems! Although it may be cold and gloomy outside; it doesn’t mean you have to wear dull colors.

Winter has Arrived

At Peter Suchy Jewelers, our team has some bright and colorful gemstones to get you through the long cold, and snowy months.

Indeed, several gemstones are available in many different colors.

Although the weather outside may be gloomy; it doesn’t mean you have to dress in drab colors. So, are you ready to amp up your Winter accessories with a “Pop of Color”.

In fact, many colder weather styles are a nod to the 1940s, the 80s, and the Art Deco era.

So, let’s start with Diamonds. Though most people think of Diamonds as clear in appearance; they also come in other colors. For instance, black Diamonds are extremely rare. Visit our Best Black Jewelry post for our Art Deco black Diamond Ring.

GIA Certified Brown Diamond Dangle Earrings

Moreover, if you are looking to channel the 70s; these long detailed Diamond dangle Earrings are perfect.

Set in 18k white gold, these Earrings feature 2 round brown Diamonds, 2 pear-shaped Diamonds, and 66 round Diamonds in a dangle design.


Winter has Arrived with Colorful Gems

Peter Suchy Moonstone & Quartz Dangle Earrings

Another popular gemstone that is ideal to wear during the Winter months is Moonstone.

From Peter Suchy Workshop, set in 14k white gold; this statement style features 2 round cabochon irritated Moonstoness and 2 round marbled cabochon blue Quartz gemstones in a dangle design.


Winter has Arrived with Colorful Gems


Sapphires are another gemstone that comes in an assortment of colors. To learn more about the different colors available in Sapphires; visit our Saphire Jewelry Guide post.

In addition, Topaz comes in a variety of colors. Check out our Topaz Jewelry Buying Guide post to learn about all the different colors this gorgeous gemstone comes in.

In summary, no matter what jewelry styles you choose to wear now that Winter has arrived; there are many choices to keep you from the Winter doldrums.