Paint the Town Red

Paint the Town Red

Paint the town red! Whether you are looking to add some brightness to your look or want to make a statement; our candy-red jewelry provides a striking brightness.

Paint the Town Red

Indeed, there are reasons women like to show off the color red. So, not only do red jewels shine in incandescent lighting but also glow in the candlelight.

At the same time, this color is versatile.

When you are looking for a boost; a red gemstone is ideal to pair with neutrals or other dark shades.

Ruby Jewelry

Since a Ruby is known as the “King of Gemstones”; this gemstone is a “Must” for anyone’s jewelry. Check out my Red Ruby Jewelry – July Birthdays post to learn more about this gemstone. However, a Ruby gemstone isn’t only for individuals born in July. In fact, a Ruby gemstone is known for its hardness. With a hardness rating of a 9; this gemstone is ideal to wear every day.

Vintage Art Deco Retro Ruby Earrings

In bright red; these Earrings feature 2 Ruby gemstones set in a 1940’s Vintage 14k yellow gold leaf design.

Wear this style daily!


Paint the Town Red

Another gemstone to consider is Garnets. Not only do Garnets come in a wine shade of red; but they also come in almost any color in the rainbow. Visit our Colorful Garnet Jewelry post to learn more about this gemstone.

Estate Garnet Necklace

Circa, in the 1940s – 1950s, this Emerald cut Necklace features 9 Emerald cut brownish red Garnet gemstones in a 14k yellow gold 16 inch Necklace.

Also, this Necklace is ideal to layer with other necklaces and pendants in different lengths. For some ideas, check out our Layer and Style Your Necklaces post.


Paint the Town Red

Peter Suchy Red Spinel Diamond Halo Ring

Crafted in our Workshop, this GIA-certified Ring is a beauty.

So, if you are planning to “Pop the Question”, this ring is ideal.

Set in 18k white gold, this Ring features 1 round red Spinel gemstone with a halo of 22 round brilliant cut Diamonds.


Peter Suchy Spinel Diamond Halo Ring

In summary, paint the town red with any of my recommendations above or any bright red gemstone to convey your energy.