Layering Jewelry to Update Your Style

Layering Jewelry to Update Your Style

When you are looking for layering jewelry to update your style; I have lots of ideas for you. In fact, more individuals are opting to match chunky chains with dainty pieces.

Layering Jewelry

In the first place, one of the most important things to consider when layering your bracelets or necklaces is to vary with different lengths. Also, you can layer your earrings and rings.  For example, if you are wearing a long necklace; pair it with a shorter style. And, if you are wearing a dainty bracelet; you may want to add a bangle to your arm or wrist.

Indeed, it is fun to mix and match.

Visit our Stacking Bracelets Story article for some ideas on styles to pair with bangles or diamond bracelets.

In addition, mixing colors, diamonds,  gemstones, and pearls is a game changer.

Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace

Circa, in the 1960s, this Japanese Akoya Pearl Necklace features 86 undyed colored Pearls in a cream overtone.

Also, this has a 14k yellow and Diamond ball catch.

Because this Necklace is 29 inches; you can wear this long or double it up as seen in the photo below.

However, if you decide to wear this Necklace long; you can pair it with other Necklaces in a shorter length. Visit our Layer and Style your Necklaces article for some ideas.


Layering Jewelry to Update Your Style

Cordova Two Tone Diamond Dangle Earrings

Circa, in the 1980s, these Earrings provide an interesting look.

Set in 18k white and yellow gold; these Chandelier dangle Earrings feature 110 round full cut Diamonds.

Of course,, these Earrings provide a statement look.

So, if you have multiple piercings; you can pair these Earrings with a simple stud.


Layering Jewelry to Update Your Style

Another option is to mix metals. Visit our Mixed Metals Jewelry Trend article for some fun combinations. For instance, you may want to mix a chunky bracelet, or necklace with rose gold.

When you are wearing gold or silver jewelry; mixing metals is a great way to add colorful jewelry. Check our Gold Finery for Every Day and Winter has Arrived With Colorful Gems posts for some ideas.

Finally, layering jewelry is a fun way to create unique looks that represent you.