April Birthstone Diamond Jewelry

April Birthstone Diamond Jewelry

When it comes to April birthstone diamond jewelry; we have a large selection of bracelets, necklaces, and rings to choose from. So, are you ready to shop for the perfect gift?

April Birthstone Diamond Jewelry

Since the middle ages, a Diamond has been the birthstone for anyone born in April.

Due to this gemstone being one of the hardest stones; this is ideal to wear every day.

Indeed, wearing diamonds is considered to bring many benefits to the wearer such as abundance, balance, and clarity. In fact, during the Middle Ages; Diamonds were considered to have healing powers and cure ailments that stemmed from the pituitary gland and brain.

Of course, Diamonds continue to be one of the most sought-after gemstones.

So, if you are thinking of “popping the question” a Diamond Engagement Ring is a great choice to begin your own love story. Visit our Diamond Ring Guide article to learn more about this gemstone. Also, it is essential to understand the 4C’s. To learn more, check out our 4 C’s Learning Curve article.

EGL Certified Diamond Engagement Ring

When you are looking for a special Engagement Ring; this Ring is a beauty.

Set in 14k white gold, this style boasts an EGL-certified six-prong solitaire.


April Birthstone Diamond Jewelry

At the same time, Diamonds come in almost every color in the rainbow. Due to the various impurities, irritation, and structural irregularities; different colors form.

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Vintage Yellow Pink Brown Diamond Ring

So, if you are looking for a fancy-colored Diamond; this Ring is a beauty.

Set in 14k pink gold, this Ring features one pear-shaped natural multi-color Diamond in pink, yellow, and brown.


April Birthstone Diamond Jewelry

Whether you are looking for a special gift for someone celebrating an April birthday, or just because; we have a range of styles at all price points.

14k Yellow & White Gold Diamond Pave Pendant

Set in two-tone gold, this style features an open heart design with 80 round Diamonds in a pave set.


14k Yellow & White Gold Pave Pendant

In summary, April Birthstone Diamond Jewelry is the perfect gift.