Everything is Better with Pearls

Everything is Better with Pearls

Everything is better with pearls. In celebration of June’s birthday; we have lots of styles that will stand out.

Everything is Better with Pearls

Timeless, this month’s birthstone is ideal to wear as a strand around your neck or a pair of earrings.

But, did you know this is the only gemstone that is made by living creatures? In addition, pearls are also known as one the most friendly jewel. To learn more, visit our Pearls are Effortless – Earth Friendly post.

In addition, the highest quality has a natural luster which makes them appear more white in color.

Estate Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl Necklace

From our Estate collection, these high-grade cultured Pearls feature 8 to 8.5 mm 48 white with pink overtone Japanese Akoya Pearls with a 14k yellow gold catch.

At the same time, this style is ideal to wear from day to a black tie gala.


Estate Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearls 

When you are looking for a pearl that isn’t white; you may want to consider a different color. Though there are black pearls, they are actually blue, green, purple, or silver in color. Because they are rare; they are usually more expensive.

Mikimoto Tahitian Black South Sea Pearl Necklace

Indeed, this black South Sea Pearl Necklace is highly sought after. To learn more about why these are a great investment; visit our South Sea Pearls are a Great Investment post.

Authentic, this Mikimoto Tahitian Necklace features 39 South Sea Pearls with an excellent luster and an 18k white gold catch.

Moreover, this necklace is sure to have all the attention on your neckline


Everything is Better with Pearls

If you have a birthday this month or are looking for a gift for someone special who has a June birthday; you may want to consider an Alexandrite ring or Moonstone jewelry. For some ideas, visit our Alexandrite Are Great For an Engagement Ring and Best Moonstone Jewelry posts.

Happy June Birthday!