What Are Zircon Gemstones?

Zircon gemstones are not as frequently mentioned as other stones used in the design of popular jewelry pieces. In simplest terms, zircon is a nesosilicate mineral. Colors vary from clear to yellow, blue, green, red and a variety of brown hues. Because colorless pieces can be made to imitate diamonds, they are frequently termed Matura […]

What Is the Malachite Gemstone?

Geologically speaking, malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide, which makes it a mineral. Due to the presence of the copper, its coloration is green. Variations include bright vivid greens as well as greens so dark that the color appears almost black. Throughout history, malachite has been used as a source for green paint pigmentation. Earliest […]

What Are Scarab Bracelets?

When you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, you can see the scarab bracelet of Wah. Dating back to Egypt’s middle kingdom around 1981 B.C., this silver and gold bracelet was found on a mummy that was located in Upper Egypt. Yet it is not just a bevy of Egyptian mummies that have been found […]

What Are Baroque Pearls?

Those in the business of seeding pearls go through a lot of expense to ensure that the finished products are perfectly rounded examples of what the natural gems should look like. After harvesting, these pearls are graded not only on their luster and overall look but also on their perfect symmetry. Yet dedicated collectors cherish […]

Fall Jewelry Trends for 2013

This fall magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Cosmopolitan are revealing some bold and stunning fall jewelry trends for 2013. Bangles in heavy metal, long and cascading necklaces, and side earrings are the rage this fall. Not surprising to us, choker necklaces and dangle earrings made the list of jewelry to add to your fall […]

All About the Amber Gemstone

Made of hydrocarbon, amber is little more than fossilized tree resin. Since this substance is really the preserved remains of a plant, it is not technically a gemstone that is mined. Yet due to its hardness and supreme durability, the material has earned an honorary place among the gemstones currently used for jewelry making. There […]