We Match Our Jewelry to Actress Halle Berry’s Jewelry

There is magic within actress Halle Berry. Her ease of changing from a “Catwoman” to a “down-on-her-luck-gal” in Monster’s Ball  to her Golden Globe performance for the TV movie Introducing Dorothy Dandridge left move-goers mesmerized. With over 30 films to her credit, this five foot, five-inch actress is packed with talent. Halle Berry was born […]

We Explain the Clarity in Diamonds

When you compare diamonds prior to choosing a setting, there is a lot talk about the four Cs. Made up of carat, color, cut and clarity, this collection of attributes determines the look and value of the stones. What exactly does clarity mean? Is it possible for a novice buyer to understand this concept and […]

All About Rose Quartz Jewelry!

Famous for its pale rose-red hues, the rose quartz receives its colorations from a mix of iron, manganese or titanium. In spite of its lovely shading and interesting swirls and lines, rose quartz is an under-appreciated gemstone. Why not take a closer look at this beautiful stone and take in all of the possibilities? Rose […]

What Are Hematite Gems?

Considered a mineral, hematite is actually a type of iron oxide. The material is usually black or gray. Occasionally it can also have noticeable red colorations. It is interesting to note that it was the red color that caused the material to receive its name. The mineral has been used as pigmentation for writing utensils, […]

What Is Cat’s Eye Jewelry?

Have you ever seen a gorgeous honey-colored gemstone that seemed to mimic the eye of a cat? Perhaps you have seen a gorgeous darker stone with a surprising straight flash running through it. At the root of this appearance is chatoyancy, which is a fancy term that denotes the reflection of the light as a […]

How to Find and Measure Your Ring Size

Is there anything more frustrating than seeing the perfect ring for a friend but not having her ring size? Sure, you could call her husband, but the odds are good that he does not know her ring size either. Even if you are willing to forgo the surprise and ask your friend directly for her […]